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Emília M. Ludovino DO YOU WANNA BE MY VALENTINE? (2)

Emília M. Ludovino

Leadership and Executive Coach | Author | Emotional Intelligence Expert

Published Feb 14, 2016

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"When you're engaging on a path, ask yourself if this path have a heart," said Don Juan, the initiator of Carlos Castaneda.

It is not the physical heart, even the affective and emotional heart, but the heart as the center of integration of all human faculties; the heart as the "center" of man - practically all the great traditions of mankind bear witness that....

One of the tragedies of modern man is losing his heart. There is nothing between the brain and sex; sometimes just a huge miss ... but often spent the coldest analyzes the most pulsating frivolous excesses. Thus, the man becomes increasingly schizophrenic, having lost its center integration, "personalization" of his being: his heart.

An intelligence without heart is not really human. When the memory banks of a computer are tenfold, he becomes "smarter" than men. Intelligence without the heart, "science without conscience," illuminates our societies with a cold light where the man "freezes up", analyzing and bored ...

A sexuality without heart is not really human sexuality, whatever the amount of our pulsating intensities, it is only in a relationship of one person to the ephemeral pleasure can turn into permanent happiness. "In true love," said Nietzsche, "is the soul that surrounds the body."

It is the heart that gives meaning to our links, as it is the heart that can guide the discoveries of intelligence in a positive sense to the life of mankind.

We live in the era of neon lights and electric blankets, the cool lights and heats opaque. Can not warm up next to a neon light, not enlighten us with an electric blanket. We lost the flame that is both light and heat. "Redire color ad" - "Back to your heart": the words of the prophet are more current than ever.

Jean-Yves Leloup

About the Author:

Emília M. Ludovino, is an Amsterdam-based, international Social & Emotional Intelligence Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, founder of the Ki Flow - Emotional Intelligence Training and The Emotional Intelligence Project, social entrepreneur and a life-time practitioner of Mindfulness & Meditation. She holds a LLM Master in International Law from Lisbon’s Law School and a degree in Psychology from School of Applied Psychology, from Lisbon. She has been working as an Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Coach, at UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) and as an independent Trainer & Coach, worldwide, for Law Firms, Law Enforcement, Private Banking, NGOs, Hospitals, Schools, Entrepreneurs, etc. Previously, she worked as an International Lawyer for worldwide NGOs, European and African Governments and multinational companies.




Setumadhav Sangoram



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Very nice article. Our heart should be listening heart. We give our heart to somebody means we listen to somebody. Listener are lovers.

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Sunarko Mase

Highly experienced in plant machinery, Experienced in website creation


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hi why I can not make the article, only a blank page

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Dr HDR Gérald A.

Lecturer in Modern International Relations at the Paris Diplomacy Institute


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Interessant, even if I think instead of heart, the author should have talked about emotion and meeting. You can meet lot of people before one suggest you emotion. At this moment, not heart, nor sex are decided about the meeting. It's only two émotions about two people seing them as only one. From that initial emotion will be decided the whole relationship. Something impossible, when you are engaged. Something possible because the heart is free. But in any case will remain this initial emotion and the major question consisting to know why this person suggests you it would be possible!

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